Services: Complete Dental Care for Adults and Children


Gum Disease Care & Prevention
Unfortunately, periodontal (gum) disease can lead to more than just an unsightly smile-it can cause loss of teeth and eventually, if left untreated, serious health problems. Called gingivitis in its early stages, periodontal disease is caused by excessive toxic bacteria (found in plaque) that attack your mouth's soft tissues. Early warning signs of the disease include red, swollen, bleeding gums. If caught early, we can help you reverse the damage or, if detected late, we can use one of many effective cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures to achieve a healthy, beautiful condition. Dr. Thomas has a cavity laser detector called the Diagnodent. Diagnodent is a major breakthrough that allows Dr. Thomas to detect tooth decay that x-rays cannot see. We can now locate hidden decay in it's earliest stage, and with treatment stop the spread of the disease before it destroys the tooth from within.
Children's teeth-especially back teeth-are susceptible to decay and cavities despite regular brushing and flossing. To protect your children's teeth, consider sealants. These durable, clear products are painted over the teeth, adding strength and creating reinforcement. Sealants can significantly reduce decay!


Amalgam fillings
Amalgam fillings are silver fillings generally placed on the posterior teeth at patient's request.
Tooth-colored fillings
Today, modern, tooth-colored fillings made of durable resin or porcelain can be bonded to your teeth for a stronger, more natural-looking effect. These revolutionary fillings are virtually undetectable and are easy to apply. Bonding is a tooth-colored filling on anterior teeth. A smile can be dulled by stained, chipped, cracked or misaligned teeth, but bonding can quickly and painlessly restore your smile's natural beauty. During the procedure, a thin coating of plastic or resin is painted over the damaged teeth and shaped, strengthening them and making them virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.
Endodontics / Root Canals
Each of our teeth contains a long, thin strand of dental pulp-which provides the tooth with nutrients and nerves-that extends down to the tooth's root. If the pulp becomes infected or injured, the tooth's nerves die and, often, without endodontic treatment, the tooth dies as well. Root canals are designed to save such damaged teeth. During the procedure, the tooth is opened and the diseased pulp is reshaped or removed. The tooth will need a build-up material and crown placed.
Oral surgery
Dr. Thomas is extensively trained in a full range of oral surgery procedures including tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth may be too crowded in the jaw, causing problems - but we can help determine if they need to be removed.


Tooth Whitening
Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and tobacco can leave behind stains on your teeth. To help you restore your bright white smile and to give you an added boost of confidence, we offer bleaching in take-home personalized whitening trays.
An excellent alternative to crowns, veneers can mask stains, hide chips, correct misalignment, and create uniformity. Veneers, which are made of thin, customized material designed to slide over the teeth, look very natural, are long lasting, and are relatively easy to apply.
Also called caps, crowns are natural-looking covers that fit snugly over teeth to conceal cracked, badly discolored, injured, or chipped teeth. Crowns minimize physical discomfort in and provide support to damaged teeth. Ultimately, crowns can improve the overall appearance of your smile while making your teeth more resistant to injury.
CEREC Crowns
CEREC by Sirona Dental Systems is the world's only system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in one-office visit. With this technology we allow you to be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all-ceramic crown, inlay, or onlay! For the patient, this means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care.
Sometimes a bit more work is needed to give you the smile you want. If you are missing teeth bridges may be the ideal procedure to help make your mouth healthy and functional again. Bridges, sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures, literally bridge gaps between teeth by filling them with strong, natural-looking artificial teeth. These prostheses are long lasting, comfortable, and proven to make teeth strong.
Dental Implants
Implants are an increasingly popular alternative to dentures, crowns and bridges. They have many advantages, including their natural appearance, improved comfort and unequaled convenience. If you are considering implants, we can discuss the considerations and help you make the decision that is right for you.
Full Dentures / Partial Dentures / Orthodontic Treatment
Expansion Appliances, Full Orthodontic Treatment, and Retainers